Friday, April 20, 2012

Ben and Molly

Ben wanted to act natural, but what was acting natural. Not giving a damn about Molly's past?

Ugly thoughts filled his head as he went through the emotions of what this Joel was about. He'd never seen him before. He wasn't one of those guys that they both knew from high school. Where did he come from? And what was he to Molly?

"He's nothing." She said first thing when they got in the car to drive home. Of course, she had to drive because he'd had too many beers with Steve. Ben rubbed his tired eyes, thinking things could not be that perfect for Steve, who made over Evie the entire night. It was as if Steve had something to prove. What was he suppose to do? Have Molly in his lap, the entire time for a KISS OFF of some kind? Weren't they a little too old for these kind of games? Still he'd wanted to prove to Joel that Molly was with him now. Yet, maybe he went too far. As if Molly was his.

She drove home. The silence wore on. There was a pain behind Ben's eyes. His throat ached with an emotion as if he would never be absolutely who he should have been to her. Yet, he had to believe it wasn't too late, for the both of them. He had to stop thinking about the past.

"Look, I made mistakes too." He finally said when she turned off the engine in her parents' driveway. "Its just, I can see, when I look at this..this Joel...its must have been the best he ever had. Or something." The words felt so raw as he winced. His eyes were wet. It all caught him off guard.

Molly wouldn't look at him. She looked so sullen. Angry, that he'd waited until now to say anything.

"I feel like I owe you something." Ben gritted.

Molly shook her head.

"Yes." He tensed and he took her hand, so small but he knew she was a weapon to be reckon with in the kitchen. "You could could...have..not waited for me. But you did. And maybe, you should have kicked me in the shins..way before take notice." He looked at the pale fingernail polish that wasn't quite perfect. Still, her natural ability to be herself shined through.

Ben moved closer. Yes, he truly embraced the mess that could make or break a relationship. She had to know that he wasn't going anywhere. He kissed her and soon they were making up and making out. It was better than he even knew... with the potential to evolve into something pure bliss. He'd always wanted to have intercourse in the backseat of a car.

Just then a tap came to the passenger window. The fire simmered between them. Ben looked back to see a police officer peeking in.

Ben almost let a few foul words slip as they untangled. Molly was polite enough to roll down the window to tell him, everything was OK.

"Your parents were worried. Wondering why you're not home yet." The police officer knew her mother.

Molly let out a sigh as soon as they were relieved of any more questions.

"That's it! We have to have our own place. I don't care if we have to live right across the hall from Steve and Evie. We have to get out of here!" She looked at Ben as if there was no more time to play games.


  1. I'm glad the neighborhood watch wasn't after them.