Monday, April 23, 2012


Jason (Richard Harmon) has an idea for a movie. Except, he isn't in the big city, and he really has no idea where to start. At least, he found his old uncle's 8 millimeter camera. He was inspired by his uncle's little film about a walk down by the river. Naturally, Jason thinks he can do better. All he needs is a star. And he thinks he's found her. Simone (Claire Holt). Except she isn't talking to him. Especially, when her unexpected EX (Garrett Hedlund) shows up.

Jason has decide to just film the drama, down at the local truckstop. He needs all the extras he can get.


  1. I have to wonder who would win her heart?

  2. You know I love Harmon. He looks a wee bit like elvis in that picture.

  3. cooool! sounds good.

    you've definitely sold me on Hitchers! :) I'll have to pick it up when I get back from my trip! a couple of good Sci-Fi movies I've watched lately are Cargo (a German movie) and Contagion, both of which I really enjoyed!

    stay safe :( I'm sorry to hear things are so rough at the moment...

    I AM! my beautiful boyfriend has bought me a fantastic new camera that I can't WAIT to try out. I'm definitely over-excited :D
    not really sure what direction to take the blog in while overseas to be honest... maybe just a place to write a few thoughts and post some pictures. I think Rufus will keep a blog though - I'll be sure to post the link somewhere on this page when he does!