Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday


Actually, she was dead when the medics got there, but they brought her back on life support for about a week. She got shot 5 times. In the neck with a shot gun. She was an organ doner and 60 people will be recipitants of her organs. Still not sure her step-father ever came to. Its so tragic and has stuck with a lot of us, this past week. And will be on our minds... how something so awful could happen. In our own small town.

Our weekend has been in panic mode. Friday we were told on the weather news... that it would be a dangerous Saturday for weather. My grandparents, really woke us up, this time, wondering what was happening here. Mom talked to Gram about the weather.

The lovely braids of my boss' daughter.

Anyway, we managed to go to the Women's Garden fashion show. We usually go for the basket prizes, but as always, we did not win. The food was not all bad. Especially, the chocolate covered creme puffs. By the end came a thunderstorm, a hard rain. We were drenched by the time we got to the car.

I heard we had about a 100 tornadoes in our state Saturday night. 97 were in Kansas. Most were destructive in Iowa. We still have a wet basement. I have a feeling we will be pulling up carpet this week. My Dad takes forever to decide on anything. Lars has been really great in these sort of times. It makes me appreciate him..even more...

Then the Volunteer luncheon. It was great. Lots of fun. and smiles. A nice time for everyone. The cake was OK, but I wasn't fond of the purple flowers. I got some hugs from a few people. It was good to be there and chat and see people get the recognition for all the help they do.

Then, I went home and cleaned on the basement more. I am so tired of that basement. We need to take everything out. Throw a lot of stuff away. But I don't see Dad wanting to do that.

I am so going through BEING HUMAN withdrawal. I so miss the UK and SyFy versions. I hated to see Annie leave, I would have loved to have seen her with ..well..the ones who left her. I knew it was coming. I just didn't know it would be that way. Of course, the UK version didn't waste time to show you about the next season...and the new bad guy. I am anxious for more.

At the moment I'm reading HITCHERS by Will McIntosh. Its a sci-fi read. I had no idea when I started it. Its so different than I ever imagined. I like his main character Finn. I kept thinking of Sam Huntington in that role.

Sam Wolfe Connelly art work on the cover of Hitchers.


  1. I hope this weekend is better.

    That's so sad. I'm glad she helped so many people.

  2. Love your bosses daughter's braids.

  3. oh god, your weekend sounds so stressful... I can't say I relate to the natural disasters - a fear of the weather... all I've had to deal with is one tiny little earthquake once. Adelaide's fairly safe for that sort of thing (TOUCH WOOD).

    I think I'm going to have to jump on the Being Human bandwagon... have you watched Torchwood? it's terrible but I love it.

    Hitchers looks awesome! is it a novel or a graphic novel?