Monday, September 5, 2011


STORYLINE: Based on Sarah Mlynowski's book. Told through the eyes of April(Victoria Justice) who finds a way to finish her school year by staying with her friend Violet (Greer Grammar) are home alone for the semester. Its a winter of deciding what to go for with their boyfriends. April's boyfriend Jonah (Jesse Moss) just might not be on the up and up with her. Its Hudson (Nick Roux) to the rescue.

Review: Greer Grammer gets a chance to play the best friend Vi who has some plans of her own with her best friend Dean (Charlie McDermott). But while the parents are way, the kids will play.

April thinks she has it all planned out. After all, her parents are divorced and don't seen to want her anymore. So she sets it up with her Dad that its OK with her best friend's Mom if she stays at their house while her dad moves to Cleveland with his new wife. But April has never been on her own, quite like this. Of course, she has her boyfriend Jonah who she hopes to take to the next level.  Throw in a few parties and hot-tub fun, one might wonder where this semester will land April.

Victoria Justice is as awesome as ever. Nick Roux is as mysterious as ever as Dean's older brother Hudson.


  1. sounds amazing, would love to check it out

  2. That would be a great cast for that story. Just not sure about Greer. But she's been so wickedly funny on Awkward. I think she could pull it off.

  3. Just stopped by to say thanks for all your lovely comments on my posts. They are really encouraging, so thanks a lot, really.

    And seems nice, this movie! Goning to check it out I think (:

    With love, Kirsten

  4. Oh..he's the new hot guy..isn't he??

    Nick Roux.

  5. I would definitely see this movie :) I love these posts!

  6. This is really a good book! Ten things we did. Its a fun read.

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