Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Genderswap

Kat and Rachel genderswap

Vampire Diaries//Penn Badgley as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. He could be called Elliot Gilbert and Kyle Pierce. He could handle Stefan and Damien. Don't you think?

I so think Penn would get more action on Vampire Diaries. He would have some fun being two characters. I can just see his smile now. I'm sure he'd grow more as an actor than being stuck as Dan, day in and day out on Gossip Girl. He's just the same old Dan. He needs to get out there and live. Possibly, bite a few, too. I think he's got the teeth for it.


  1. I have never actually watched Vampire Diaries, I may give it a go.

  2. aw, I can see him in that part..hehehee...

  3. Really, Penn is so underated. I think he's got great comic timing..if given a chance. It makes me smile to see him in a scene with Damien.

  4. Yeah, I liked that show he did when he was really young. I think it was on Fox. Maybe. He's a funny guy. I wonder how he'd be on TVD. Huh, when you put really sounds contagious..hahahaha...