Wednesday, June 6, 2012

we bit of wednesday

One of the things I came for when I went to Texas.

Finally, getting some pics found from the trip to Texas.

Charlie Lubeck, Michael Weisman and Blake Jenner

Caught THE GLEE PROJECT tonight. Gotta say Dani Shay is one that I hope gets to be on Glee. Blake Jenner seems pretty natural as being an actor and singer too. Charlie Lubeck might be new to the business but he's hyper enough to get the job done. Gotta say though, I liked the first season cast better. Hopefully, that'll change soon.

I miss Mitchell!

AND YES! Teen Wolf is back. I've got a mad crush on Isaac played by UK's Daniel Sharman. He played Apollo  in the Immortals.

The second season looks as if it'll be tasty for a lot of folks. Girl werewolves. Tensions between Scott and Alison who are on the sly. And of course, arrogant Colton who's a wannabe Werewolf. Riley is of course, better than ever..but they better let him get the girl this season. Lydia.