Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Its soooo hot and humid. Funny, how the weather can be so cold for so long and then its miserably hot and so humid. But I have managed to get down to the Farmer's market. Which was fun with Lars. I got lavender soap, lavender short bread. He got pickled asparagus. Some other things for a veggie stirfry. He cooked for me.

Sunday we went to Taste of Omaha. We went with my brother. I tasted some amazing bread pudding. Also tried sweet potato ice cream which was great, too. It was a nice stroll. We parked far away since we knew there would be lots of people. Afterwards, Lars wanted to buy a bicycle with a motor. Thank God, it was cool in the shop we went into. This guy had lots of collectables. Everything from vintage clothing to vinyl records.

My brother's girlfriend left him. She took the bed and the cats. Its probably his own damn fault. They had a spat about her diet/weight. He says he wanted her to stay healthy. He would make healthy food, but she'd hide all her candy and stuff from him. Sort of like the time they quit smoking. He did, but she didn't. I kind of knew it was coming. They hadn't done much with the family gatherings, since Christmas. Anyway, she moved back home and my brother is looking for a bed.

Last week, I had a bit of an adventure with my old friend. I wouldn't call him an ex, exactly. Just good friends. Caleb. His car broke down so I drove him to work. He told me how his girlfriend crashed her car. But that was before they got together. Anyway, she's gone this week to start a new job at some camp. So now my brother and Lars are helping him look for a better car.

I was so scared though on the drive, I'd get lost. But it went OK. I just wouldn't want to drive him to work, everyday.

Work hasn't been so bad. Although, my friend who knows everything about anything, made some customer mad. She has a few days off. She hasn't exactly been in a good mood since then. Plus she's trying to find an apartment, still. And I can't find time to go out with my other friend. Due to Lars.

Oh, and a deer has been sleeping under my window..according to Dad. The deer ate all the strawberries. We put in more lavender in front of the strawberries. Hopefully, our raspberries won't be eaten up. But anything is possible this year.

Dad has decided he's going on a diet. A vegetarian diet. We shall see how long that last. Hopefully, we can stand living with him. Its kind of funny how Lars is so oblivious to this. Lets just say, nothing is going change his world. He will even eat ratatouille with the skins left on the egg plant. I forgot you were suppose to take the skin off.

So yes, he's still around. A lot. His birthday is around Father's day. Which is a tricky subject to talk about..since he doesn't know his Dad. But he's been doing a lot of things for my cleaning the gutters.

We did see X-Men: First Class. It was fun. I'm not sure I was that thrilled with Mystic, but then there was James McAvoy to watch. Some really good actors. I am adoring Caleb Landry Jones at the moment. I was so in hopes he was Brittish..and would have this cute London accent, but he's from Texas.

jody foster and scott jacoby in the little girl who lives down the lane
My Mom was telling me that Tyler Posey reminded her of her favorite teen idol, Scott Jacoby. He was in a lot of ABC movies and some movie with Jody Foster, back in the 70's. I thought I was gonna screw up my computer just trying to find pictures of Scott Jacoby.

Scott & Jody. Usually, he had creepy roles.
What's kind of funny Tyler plays Scott on Teen Wolf

Then TEEN WOLF. I sat through all of the MTV Movie awards which was too Twilight crazy. Anyway, Tyler Posey is adorable enough for the role on TEEN WOLF. He can definitely show the pain of being a werewolf. It'll be interesting to see how the show goes. The transformation is little murky still. Kind of cute. Maybe. I do like the twist and turns of the premise. I hope the show continues to grow and work. And I'm starting to find the guy who turned him into a werewolf pretty interesting, too.

Even Tyler Hoechlin was up for EDWARD in Twilight. He's a rather dark Dereck Hale on TEEN WOLF.


  1. Lavender short bread sounds amazing! Never tried it before. Ooh, and sweet potato ice cream sounds awesome too.

    Yikes, taking the cats. Is it weird to say that that would be the worst part for me?

    I did like the new X Men film, but the whole Mystique part felt forced. I know they were trying to hint the whole way through towards her going over to Magneto, but I don't think it worked as well as it could have done.

  2. Teen wolf! Yes, I'm addicted now. Intersting about that old teen idol.

  3. Wow, I love the idea of Lavender shortbread! It sounds like you have tried some interesting things! It sucks that she took the cats, that would break my heart. You and Lars sound cute together :)

  4. I'm lik'n teenwolf even if I hear peeps tell me I shouldn't. Gotta enjoy something on TV this summer.

  5. I like Caleb's voice. Wow, the shortbread sounds so good.

  6. Lavender shortbread! How interesting. My exgirlfriend used to love these lavender mints. They tasted vaguely like perfume.

    Sounds like you've been up to a lot lately.