Monday, January 23, 2012


Alex Arnold stars with Timo Descamps.

Of course, they get off on the wrong foot when Hans (Timo Descamps) moves in with Jake's (Alex Arnold) family as part of Han's experience of living in America.

Timo Descamps as Hans

Jake considers himself cool and Hans is somehow cramping his style because all girls in the German foreign language club like to hear him speak. As it is, Jake's been the only boy in the club. Its like his fan club and no room for any other guys.

He starts to think he'll have to reinvent himself if he wants to be cool again. He seems to never get anything right, and has no idea his best friend Mandy would like to be more than friends, but she starts to think that Jake is madly in love with Hans, who of course, has his eye on someone else.

Its a comedy drama.

Laura Wiggins as Mandy