Monday, June 20, 2011

character notes- studying characters

Recently, I saw Gus Carr in his one and only film, Bring it on: all or nothing(2006). He made me think of someone, that I don't really know, but lets say I took notice of him when I saw him, at the library.

Perhaps Gus isn't Native American although on his bio..he keeps stating American Actor. But I'm pretty sure he could play a Native American, and yet I'm sure many Native American actors wish they were not type cast. Gus is mainly known for his crumping and dancing in videos for Destiny's Child. He's also a music performer.

The person I know..from afar is Lakota Sioux (Native American tribe), and he used to come to the library with his little sister as if he were here personal body guard. Well, she wasn't that little, 15 or so. I guess he was probably 18. Maybe. But she's something. Usually, she hung out in the computer lab. He would smoke cigarettes outside, all tough like as if he were waiting for a biker gang to pick him up. You just saw a certain angst in his face. It wasn't a happy face. But this face of a warrior that might scare the hell out of you, if he let it. His hair was very traditional, long (waist length) to go with his lean body. Most are proud of their Native American heritage around here. Which is great. Of course, seeing a person like him, you never knew where the arrogance began. Maybe that was just his face.

It wasn't though..until one day, he asked me if I'd seen his sister, at the library. He started hanging out on the Internet too. I felt bad for him. He told me she ran away from home a lot. It was then I knew what a caring brother he was. He was the man of the house. He lived with his mother, grandmother and sister..lil'Sioux as they called her.

Seriously, though, the cops around here still stop Native Americans for just walking down the street. The only other Native American guy  I know was home schooled and still lives at home with his Mom. She treats him like an endangered species. I have a feeling he'll always be living with her.

I seriously hope Gus Carr makes more movies. I really think he has an expressive face and is a genuine character matter, what kind of character he is. So many possibilities. Hopefully, some one needs him for a movie or a TV show. We need more characters that aren't from cookie cutter Hollywood. He might have to move to Vancouver before he gets taken seriously.


  1. this fellow sounds very interesting that you mentioned.

  2. I hadn't heard of this actor before, so maybe he does need to be in more movies like you said.

  3. Oh, he could definitely play a Native American. I love him in that movie he was in.

  4. he loks sooo good

    thanks for your comment ! ! !
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  5. He's so beautiful!

  6. Hey, if I had a guy like that in my part of world..I'd definitely want to try to get to know him.

  7. I definitely think that you could base a whole character and write a story about the guy from the library! He sounds fascinating.