Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

More Bohemian Girl thoughts: Funny, how this book has stuck with me, long after I read it. Not so much thinking of the story, but perhaps in perspective of my own life. I liked the idea how the story began and ended. Here was a wayward girl, left on her own in a nightmare on the prairie with an old Indian and his wives. And she carried a doll she'd made from a tree, but of course, it soon slipped from her fingers, too. As if it were a hope some day that she'd have her own child. Of course, soon after she is on the run, she ends up taking care of a real baby, but she never thought of him as her own, and yet he was all she had.

When I think of my own life, I remember how I thought I wanted a baby with my old boyfriend. Perhaps I liked the idea that he's part Native American, but actually, I've always wanted just one baby. Some day. Although, thankfully, I was smart enough, not too. He didn't want children, anyway. He still had drama with his old girlfriend. And she would always be there in his life. He was the one she ran too when ever trouble was around. Near the end, I think he did the things he did because he didn't think he was good enough for me. Or so he says now.

Yet, with that kind of baggage, what can I really give Lars? I do think he's endured so much. I think he'd make a good father too. Because, he's never really had one. Exactly. Its more like a long visit when his relatives are around. Its interesting how we can accept those things and go on. I don't think any of this has ever weighed him down.

Watching: THE VOW. It wasn't quite what I'd expected. It felt like watching a real relationship unfold. I guess what was the moment for me, was the fact, after the accident, he didn't exist in her world. She woke up thinking she was still in high school.

VALENTINES DAY: We stayed in. Lars was a bit feisty in the kitchen. I dunno what happened. But he thought I was cooking the steak all wrong. But in the end, it was just fine. Not over done. He liked it. He thought he cooked the asparagus perfectly. He would not shut up about it because evidently my asparagus is mushy.

GLEE makes Sam Larson's character rather Teen Jesus.

But it was a quiet night. Drank too much wine. Got Lars to sit through Glee with me. Yes, Sam Larson is finally on the show. His character is Joseph, a super religious home schooled sophomore. New Girl wasn't too bad. Although, we were busy doing something during a good portion of the show, then Lars went to sleep on me.Yet Raising Hope was better. And of course, I stayed up for Parenthood. Which had a few sweet moments. Max made a friend and Amber almost had sex with her boss.


  1. Lars is funny! So glad Sam was on Glee last night!

  2. That must have been some dinner. Gotta wonder what you two were doing during New Girl???

  3. Omg, I really really want to watch the vow. Apparently it was really good! And I totally agree with you on the Sam Larson-Teen Jesus thing ! :)

  4. You think that is baggage? I wonder what you would call the emotional and physical suitcases that get lugged around in my relationships.

  5. I certainly think we all have some baggage left over from old relationships - I think it becomes less heavy with time.