Friday, April 13, 2012

Ben and Molly

Molly wasn't in the mood to talk about Joel. In fact, no one was in the mood. They were bowling. It was a game. And apparently, they were losing. First time out. Gutter ball.

This didn't settle well with Ben, he glared at her as if they couldn't let Steve and Evie win. Naturally, those two were oblivious that anything bad might be happening between Ben and Molly. He walked by her as if she better stay out of his way. Strike on the first ball. He'd make up for her..digression.

She felt hurt. One quick look, behind her and Joel sent a smile and wave. She did not respond. Exactly. When Ben was done racking up the points, he plopped himself next to her with his arm around her. It looked so perfect, but Molly knew it wasn't.

"Another beer?" Offered Steve. He was paying this round. Ben shook his head no, as the bowling balls kept a spontaneity of their own. Molly thought she might go crazy.

There went Evie, all smiles. Strutting her stuff in her skinny jeans. Molly rolled her eyes at that. Was she expecting every person to watch in the building? Steve cheered her on as if they might be the only two playing. Possibly, they were at this game.

The two hours they spent there felt like a horrible eight hour day to Molly, who noticed her lips were chapped as they got ready to go. Of course, Ben was still giving her the silent treatment. She knew with her high score of sixteen hadn't helped much either. At least they were leaving.

"Hey, call me sometime." Joel grinned from ear to ear. Molly scowled back. He was not suppose to remember. Anything. He was drunk that night. Very drunk. What did he think happened? That one off night. She did not remember it all romantic. She almost threw up on him.

However, she didn't want to stop and ask Joel.

"You, have his phone number?" Ben asked as quietly as possible on the ride home. They were in the backseat, separated by the carseat.

"NO." She mouthed back.

Of course, she eyed Steve trying to make out with Evie ,who was driving them home.

"Quit!" She flung her hand back, the car coming to a halt, and told him to buckle up, or they were going nowhere.

Silently,  Molly pleaded with God in her head, to get them home. Safely. But then what?


  1. Great! I remember my girlfriend was never a good bowler, either.