Monday, April 16, 2012


There is a lot Tate Williams(Kyle Gallner) has never worried about before. He's got his Mom (Lauren Graham). Even from a single family home, he's never wanted for much. Although, far from rich, he's doing OK. A hermit of sorts, playing his video games with his school friend Sal (Tyler Blackburn), who's getting ready for college.

Suddenly, he feels everyone's life is moving on, but his. Especially, when he realizes, how he's loved someone from afar, all his high school days, is suddenly chummy with Sal. Are they or aren't they serious? Should he be serious about Amber(Shelley Hennig)?

Tate is a late bloomer of sorts, but has he waited too late to bloom?


  1. sounds like a good one!

    where are you going on your trip?! I can definitely leave some travel tips though! not sure how I'll blog while we're on the road... that's definitely something on my mind! any suggestions?