Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

Such beautiful weather we are having. It was a nice Easter. Although, part of it meant cleaning house most of the day before family and friends arrived. It was good to catch up and find out how my brother is doing. Although, he had car troubles over the weekend and had to borrow our car for part of it, which really didn't help with last minute Easter things.

I found out Caleb's XBOX got stolen. He thinks a friend of an old roommate stole it. After dinner we spent some time in the back yard picking catnip for the cats. Naturally, they went bonkers.

Well, somebody I know is chatting me up about making an indie film. Funny thing, he didn't mention it to me..but someone else that he wanted to take one of my short stories and put it into a script. From the way he talked, it sounded more listening to him and trying to write a script for what ever it is, he wants to do.

I spoke to an actor called Jason Watkins, who played the big big bad guy for three series. And he said “The only thing you need to do to play a vampire is just be hungry”. It was so terrifying when he told me that, but I was like “Of course! That’s all you have to do.
Damien Molony in answer to the quesion ‘How do you go about preparing to be a vampire?’

Of course, he's all talk. I don't think he's really that interested. I used to think he was this old mystery writer, but then I find out he hasn't written in a good long while. I'd shown him one of my short stories some time ago and he acted as if I didn't know what I was doing. So I thought best never to show any of my work to him, again. Still its hard to take him seriously.

There was a shooting a few blocks away from our house yesterday morning. I do hope she makes it. She got shot in the face by her step-dad. I had no idea anything like that would happen around here. But then again, we got some peculiar prank calls Sunday morning. I do wonder if my Mom has a stalker.

I was patient, I was kind, but I’m starting to think that good things don’t actually come to those who wait. We behaved as well as we could for as long as we could, and now it’s time to try something else.
-Sally, Being Human
Season 2, Episode 13

She'd befriended this woman years ago. But the woman got mad at my Mom because she felt my mom was trying to tell her what to do with her son. Actually, my mom was afraid this woman was hurting her son. She'd lock him out of the house, complaining her son was abusive when all likelihood, she was the abusive one. I went to school with him. And he told me I can't be friends with you because of my Mom. I always felt so bad for him. He was really a nice guy, but his Mom could be weird, sometimes.

Earlier this year, she'd call my Mom at work and wish her a Merry Christmas. Then she called another time there accusing my Mom of knowing that some guy this woman knew was gay, before she found out. Naturally, my mom never had a conversation with her at all about this person. My Mom doesn't even know of who was 'gay'. It just sounds more crazy the more I write about it.

My Mom was freaking out, though. It ruined her Easter. She'd thought it was my grandparents calling. Then she woke them up. Finally, she looked through the call log and found out who had been calling. Then yesterday, my mom was worried about being home alone. Thinking how scary it would be if this person showed up at the house.

Oddly, the shooting that happened, this step-father had moved out like over a month ago, and came to the house, and shot the girl at the front door and then he went back to his apartment, where the cops found him later, unconscious. They took him to the hospital. The man is still unconscious.

“You two are totally about to go on two separate killing spree’s for women”
“thats so hot”
-Sally [Being human)

I feel a little bit in limbo. On edge, I guess. I watched the finale of SyFy's Being Human. Quite a cliffhanger.  Yet, I'm happy there is a new season of it. If only it could be on sooner. Maybe Scott the Reaper will go and find Sally. Maybe I'll have a good weekend too.


  1. What IS life without a little drama,...a lot less blog worthy I'll say.

  2. sad about that shooting!

    I'm going to be going through Being Human withdrawal soon!

  3. Wow, it sounds like you have so much going on right now!! Your poor mum, I hope that woman leaves her alone.

    Hahaha I love that quote about just being hungry when playing the role of a vampire!

  4. The vampire quote cracked me up ... it's so true!

  5. Beautiful pictures and stories.
    Hope everything will work out fine for your mother and you.

    With love, Kirsten