Friday, January 6, 2012

Ben and Molly

I'll be gone tomorrow
That's when you wake up
to tell me you don't want me..-acid house kings

Molly couldn't help but notice the dark hairs on Ben's ankles. Speaking of which, he was a lot hairier than she imagined. Not that he was Bigfoot. Although, his feet were big. He's sleeping body took most of the bed. It was hard to imagine she'd slept next to him in her very cold room.

It was kind of all so clumsy, she now thought as she looked around her room at the mess on the floor that was there long before Ben. Clothes on the floor. What was left of Christmas. And her parents didn't even know he was here. Well, at least not yet.

Still, it was kind of fuzzy how it all came about.

1. he did move his truck from the driveway. He'd been so excited. He was going to spend the night. In fact, he'd moved his car in the far corner of Wal-Greens' parking lot. She imagined his folks thinking he was suicidal now. His last stop. Over the counter drugs at Wal-Greens and then walked off into a snowy oblivion. But, there was no snow and he was very much here, a very hot body in her bed.

2. oh..his determination. "I want us to do this." He'd said ever so breathlessly, when he returned. Which was actually kind of a shock to Molly. Of course, she didn't ask what the matter was with him. She just went with it. It was not a time to question him. Because, it was like watching her very own movie unfold, and she was the co-star. They'd fumbled in the dark. Kissed as if it were the key to everything. And it was. He was so warm. She shivered even now thinking she couldn't dare live outside these covers.

3. when her parents came home, she felt his body shake with laughter, perhaps like a new move in his way of getting closer to her. There really was no place to hide. At least, no one came to check on her. Not that she had a lock on her door. Although, she wished she did. Especially, now.

Just what were they going to do?

It was all of 7:30. Her parents still snoozing. But not for long.

"Please..please..please.." Molly whispered in his ear. "You have to go.." But he didn't budge, except he put his arm around her, hugging her close.

She thought of what her Mom's reaction would be. Especially, her dad. They could be out in the cold. Right now. Molly bit her bottom lip. Why wasn't she thinking? Why wasn't he thinking? They weren't drunk. This was...Molly sighed.

She sank into his warmth. It was good here. It was. His whiskers rubbed against her. It was tantalizing. Was it going to happen again? Yes, it was. Like a last call, perhaps.

She kissed his lips like candy, even if it were full of his morning breath. Honestly, she thought this might be the last time. Well, the last time ..until next year..she guessed..with a smile.


  1. Oh..the suspense. I like that song, too.

  2. omg..I just saw him on Secret Circle..and he's so sexy. And he's pretty sexy in this story too.

  3. What'll happen next?