Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

argh...its back to work. As usual.

Yes, we had a bit of a mini-vacation. Lounging about. I did not wear a bra all of New Years day and most of the second day too. (grins) Then it took both of us to locate one for Tuesday morning. I know, I should have scads of them, but there is only one I really like to wear to work. It isn't itchy or anything. And well, I do have to be in the comfort zone, especially, when I'm not all that sure what I'll be doing.

Usually, I'm doing stuff on the computer, but not always. Sometimes, I might as well be a bonified shelver from all the moving around of books, CDs, DVDs and the like. Then there is the work of cleaning these items in a machine. So each day is different. And well, I'm expected to drop what I'm suppose to be doing and go help, sometimes customer service. I never really know. So there goes the cool platforms I've been wanting at Target. Its best to wear something that feels as good as the PJs I have on right now. Dress too fancy and I'm sure to get a rip or something.

Lets see, I did get to catch up with one of my permanently bachelor friends. He loves books and movies. We like the same music too. Usually, I try to make him a mix, at Christmas. But I didn't this year. I've found that he's been avoiding me. Yet, we chatted on the night I worked and everything is the same with him.

PPL is back!

I did get to have lunch with the friend who always makes plans with me, but never comes through. Still, she won't talk about the guy she's seeing. Evidently, its hush hush..just because at the Catholic school where she teaches ..its the ultimate sin to be seen with a divorced man. Really weird. But its a small town, and I guess those things still exist.

We talked about all the friends we never see anymore. The ones who moved away. One friend moved in with her brother in another state and we didn't hear from her in the longest time, but seems she met someone in the military, so all is well now. Evidently.

Lars and I did go to a birthday party on New Year's Eve. It was for a three year old. He just turned three. It was my friend's nephew. Its the one who's the parents can't stand each other. But they did get engaged. Maybe they are working it out. Anyway, lots of pizza and fun games at the pizza place. A nice way to start the New Year. It felt good to be with Lars. Holding hands. You know, like we are on the same page, and we are really together.

I think my friend is OK with us. Not asking me all these questions about Lars. Constantly. And, I know she's still sort of in limbo, but she's been texting someone, so I think she's moving on too..after her breakup.

My brother started his New Year's out, sort of OK. Then his friend's wife picked him up. I'm sure he got drunk. His best friend gets so rowdy. Lars can't stand him. Then we both can't stand my brother when he's around him.

Anyway, a peaceful New Years around here.


  1. Sounds like a relaxing beginning of the year.

    I did watch Jane by design.

  2. Hope your January is going great.