Monday, January 9, 2012


Joel Freckelton and Sarah Hyland in a psyduo-documentary. You won't know if its the real deal or not. It might be.

An indie film about modern romance in young Hollywood. Sarah got her big break in Modern Family. Joel is still waiting for his. He's been in bit parts. His biggest bit part, as of late, was probably in BAG OF BONES.

In the tradition of Paper Heart comes 3 Days with her. Joel opens up how he feels about living in Hollywood. How much peer pressure there is to party. He meets Sarah who knows the inside of such a life style with the Jenner kids and the like.

Will a romance bloom on camera? Or will it fizzle quick because Joel talked to much? Would it have been better if they'd met in Vancouver on a movie set in bitter winter? Maybe they'd be better off just texting.


  1. I love that picture of him.

  2. It couldn't happen. She's so happy and in love with Matt.

  3. This would be totally interesting..possibly more interesting that paper heart.

  4. Just found something new with him in it on a show I watch called Mr Dee.

    He is about 11 minutes in.