Friday, August 12, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared


Jared was contemplating what to do. Was it such an awful idea if Monica went with him on this adventure to Canada. He sat there so still, watching the sunlight move in and out of the leaves in the back yard from the dining window.

"What are you thinking?" His Grandmother poured him a cup of coffee.

"Who do you think?" He smiled and looked back at the old woman who went to get him a plate of French toast. "She's..she's not as strong as you." He finally said as he watched her move slowly in the kitchen.

"What makes you think I was always strong?" She called back.

"I dunno. I just know you're the strongest person I know." He nodded. Finally, she made it back with breakfast. For a moment, he knew he should have been the one serving her, but he knew she wouldn't hear of it. He poured the warm maple syrup on the toast.

"I guess if the opportunity is knocking, then you go." She told him as she cracked her boiled egg then and made do with her own breakfast.

"Opportunity?" He wasn't completely sold on the idea. "It'll be different. It'll be practically camping, you know." He reminded her about his stay during the study.

"There's a cabin. You won't be alone." His grandmother shrugged.

"But what's she gonna do, all day?" He couldn't think of Monica filling her time with laundry and meals.

"Maybe she'll bring War and Peace." She smiled as she took a sip of her black coffee.

"Yeah, she'll need lots of books. I dunno if we'll even get the Internet out there." Jared shrugged. "Its just, I know she needs to get away from here. I can feel it. Especially, at that birthday party. If those are her friends." Jared shook his head. He had to save her. He just did. He knew that now as he bit into the buttery syrupy toast.


  1. It'll be interesting for them to be in some sort of little house on the prairie.

  2. I loved that picture of Johnny.

    I wonder what he'll do.

  3. Funny, how he told his grandma that Monica was as strong as she was.

  4. I'd like to see them on this trip.