Monday, August 15, 2011


STORYLINE: When (Freddie Highmore) Lenny's brother, Ste (Nicholas Hoult) goes missing. His first thought is Ste's love for trains. He catches on to the rail and a whole new way of traveling, tramping through England into France. He meets (Felicity Jones) Gemma along the way, falling hard for this gypsy girl who might be the world's best pick pocket, just to find out she's already got a boyfriend, his brother the Black Hoodie bandit who's gone big time. Together they fly to Greece in a stolen plane. Will they keep going on this wild adventure? Or will they be taken down one by one before its over?
Nicholas Hoult

REVIEW: Just one more reason why Nicholas Hoult should be chosen as the barefoot bandit! His range of emotions is dead on. He knows the wow factor when it comes to intense moments. Felicity Jones's charisma carries through. Innocent and charming, happy go lucky with a purpose. And Freddie Highmore shows what first love is about.

Felicity Jones
Freddie Highmore