Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Well...we celebrated Lars birthday. We went out with Caleb and his girlfriend for Mexican food. It was like everyone was having a birthday. All these people wearing this Mexican hat and the waiters sing Happy Birthday. Lars so did not want that. But it was fun being with friends talking about well, lots of stuff. My brother thought he had a roommate, but he thinks that guy might make up with his girlfriend.

My brother has been trying to call and text his ex, just to see how she's doing, but she won't return his calls. Then his sister, who I finally got the crochet hat too, told me her sister quit her nursing classes and is really depressed. My brother was kind of upset to hear about it, but mean while he flirted with the waitress most of the night.

So yeah, some good times. Lars is all smiles. Even if he didn't hear from his Mom.

Other news, I got the LARPing co-worker her crochet hat to her. She loves it. It was her birthday too. She just turned 21 and went on a major Larping event in Kansas. Then she moved out to live someplace in Iowa.

On the downside..well..I'm turning into my MOM. Yes, I did something I shouldn't have.

See, when I was really little, I was home alone when my Mom had left grease on the stove and caught the house on fire. I got out OK. And the house didn't burn down, either. We weren't living here, but in a rural area close to my grandparents.

Yesterday, I was writing on my laptop and left something on the stove. It was a pot of water, but I still managed to blacken the pot. My Dad is so mad. Lars had to witness how cranky he can be then. But he could have been worse.

I was only going to brew tea. I finally did manage to brew some for iced tea. Actually, just cold tea. I use less tea bags a week if I make a big pitcher of it for the week. Of course, we drink it all within a day or two. Not sure I'm saving that many tea bags. Especially, since Lars likes it when I put a little bit of sugar in the water when I boil it before brewing.

Dad would have a cow if he knew I was saving up for a tablet.

The last few days have been cooler. So nice. And someone gave Lars a gift card for the movies! I'm all smiles about that.


  1. Glad you guys spent some time with your brother and friends. Hopefully, the cooking will get better.

  2. It's a good thing that everyone (except the pot) is ok. It is easy to get distracted and hey it's a lesson learned right?

    Hope you see a great movie soon!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Oh, I've done that before. A burnt pot.

    I'm glad Lars has you and friends.

  4. Sounds like your week hasn't been totally awful.

  5. Wee bit of Wednesday has to be one of my favorite things from you, I like the personal stuffs in it :D