Friday, August 5, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared


What was she thinking? Seriously? Monica was in yet another tizzy.

She wanted Jared at the birthday party, but then she didn't want him there, either. Her best friend would meet him. So would Toby. Her best friends significant other. Monica guessed she could call him her ex. Although, no one knew this bit of information.

There was this slight threat that Toby still rubbed it in that he was her first and only. As trite as this would be to some, he made her nervous. Still. Even if he did have a kid with Caroline.

He was a horrible person in Monica's books. Usually, Toby and Caroline were on the rocks, but somehow, they managed. And she could manage through this, too. Or could she?

"Maybe, we should just stay home," Monica said last minute after Jared show up, almost in a suit. At least he wasn't in a white tee and flannel shirt with faded jeans. Of course, this was the way she adored him. But he was in a tie. She loosened it right away, which meant falling into a kiss.

About fifteen minutes they were getting dressed again. At least they made it to her bedroom. It felt as an island of comfort.

"There's still time to go." He reminded her. He left the tie behind, but tucked in his white shirt in his Chinos.

"Yes. Of course." Monica winced, looking over her makeup, and seeing the little present for Tristan. She guessed she should be there for the baby. "Let's go." She put in as much gusto as she could. They had a birthday party to get too.

Naturally, they were the last ones there. They'd walked the three blocks from her house.

"Where have you been?" Caroline told them they blew out the candles, already. They'd missed Tristan's one year old moment, but it had been caught on video.

"I forgot the time." Monica pressed on. Caroline had to get over it.

"I bet you did." Caroline looked at her as if she were a liar. Monica introduce her to Jared. Soon enough they were faced with Toby, hanging back with a whiskey sour in his hand.

"Monica, where did you drag this one from?" Toby's words slurred. He practically spilled his drink on his collar. Missing his mouth completely.

Monica rolled her eyes and looked to Jared for help. That's when Monica went into how special Jared was. How he'd gotten a remote internship in Canada. Only she left in the wee little things, like what the study was exactly about, just the important stuff. "Jared's leaving for Canada, and I might go with him." She put her hand in his. Jared stood there all grins as if she might decide to put him in some sort of pageant. But this was for  guys. Boyfriends, in fact.

He'd win it hands down. Jared was the better boyfriend, even if he were leaving next week. She intended to be with him night and day. Hoping she'd be sick of him, but she knew she wouldn't. Especially, when she had loser Toby in front of her, who was never going to leave that job down at the Baker's grocery. So what if they got a 20% discount on that sheet cake for the birthday from where he worked. She still didn't trust him. He always made remarks that he still had time for her. Couldn't she make time for him?

She looked back at Jared. It was true, she wanted to leave this world behind.


  1. I get that what was she thinking feeling just about all the time, is that bad?

  2. Oh, Monica doesn't have it easy.

  3. thank you for your comment, your blog is sweet

  4. Really like how this is developing.

  5. Toby sounds awful, Jared seems much nicer!!!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    And such a nice story again, I hope everything will be fine...

    With love, Kirsten