Monday, October 20, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #55

OK, I can't say life was dandy at Pip's, but it wasn't this.

I know I've got a lot of explaining to do. And yeah, in the beginning I might have given Pip the wrong impression.

God, it was the Internet. And yeah, I guess I became someone else.

Its just I wanted to find a way to see my sister... that wasn't going to disturb the nature of things.

Yeah, I know, you wouldn't understand. And it feels like a life time ago.

So, I was there as her.... foreign exchange mate.

Well, she was the one who gave her parents the spill on me. I just listened. I think she was acting. Maybe not.

I know Bex wants me to apologize or something to her. I..I want to leave it alone.

She's back with Simon. Hard feelings are not what I want at the moment.

After all, I've got Maryln to put up with. And the rain. All these chores.

She wanted me to clean her gutters!

"Why not?" She's crackers, you know.

"What! So I can kill myself!" We bickered most of breakfast. My egg sandwich got cold. Damn, if that dame can brew you one and her egg sandwiches are divine. Still, I was a no go... on to be on the top of her roof.

By noon she had someone over to do the job. I almost lost it.

She's a bit cheeky, you know. Cause, this man boy she got for the She keeps going on how he's my twin from another mother. There he is climbing all over creation, getting much on his hands and clothes. It was sick. She talked down to him, like he was just the help.

For f*ck's sake, what the...

All right, Dev and I look nothing alike. And..and he's Hindu. I was so cross with her. But she invites him for lunch and damn if those sandwiches of hers are better than breakfast. She has a way with ham and cheese and chips to die for.

And he's there, eating like no tomorrow. God, where did he come from? No way, am I going to speak to the bloke.

Maryln announces, "Dev works for the post office, dearie."

"Yeap, day off." He looks at me as if he doesn't want to make conversation anymore than I do.

I pressed my lips tight wondering where it could lead.

"Tell him, Dev, tell him what they need down at the post office?" She smiled like she was in control of my world.

I squinted slightly as I listened. They are hiring.

"Benefits aren't what they used to be. I got on, in the neck time." Dev nodded. "The pay is good. But you can't sit on your arse all day." His dark eyes looked at me as if I was a lazy bum.

I sighed with my arms crossed. No way I was going to be this idiot's friend, but I guess I'd check it out. Maryln won't let up, til I do.


  1. He needs to give Dev a shot; he may not be so bad.


  2. Geez! A lot going on here. I think Dev needs to give him the job, sounds like he needs it.

  3. I so hope you'll write more!