Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emily's travels

Emily's travels I need anymore surprises? Really?

I actually got a modeling gig. Imagine that? Petite little me.

Yeah, it really took my mind off Luke and all that's been happening. 

He's on location now. And..I get this really weird message on my mobile about how I should go out with Jack, sometime. Jack who? Is he talking about the guy I kissed at that party..or some other Jack?

If that's not enough.

Guess who showed up on our doorstep? Nic.

Yeah, I knew he wanted Hannah. They go way back, but she and the boy were out Brighten.

Jen and Nic broke up. Well, it happened actually before they even got here to see his parents. It was just for appearances sakes, actually.

Or so he told me over a bowl of cereal.

Then when he saw those headlines about her and Chris Martin..He didn't know where to turn.

Really, quite a twist of events. I dunno if I did any good, but we stayed up all night talking and it was sweet. He's totally sweet.

It got my mind off Luke. You know, maybe we aren't quite a couple, after all. Daring me like that. He's suppose to only want me to be with him.

But this Jack keeps sending half-naked selfies. And if that's not enough, Harry is trying to redeem himself, showing off a new puppy..he says is mine if I'd just come to L.A.

I really don't like everything happening at once.


  1. Sounds like she's on overload right now.


  2. Whoa that is a lot going on! I hope the modeling gig works, and I hope she sorts out who is really there for her, and who isn't.