Monday, October 13, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #54

I dunno if it feels like home. I mean, I'm scared shitless of that old woman.

I think she hates me, but she makes a really good brew, just the same. And she keeps making these one pot meals. Expecting me to finish them off. I'm not a complete orphan, you know.

Then, there is the Liza matter to consider.

She really is there for me. Checking up, making sure I'm alive. I suppose.

She says she reports back to Bex about my vibe. So yeah, Liza is completely honest with me. All though, I have not quizzed her on why she kissed me on the camp-out. Yeah, just a one off, not worth mentioning.

Still, I must admit..she did make me feel as if I were back in the game. Which I'm not and I really shouldn't talk crap about it..since I have no cash. Seriously, dried up to the bone. So, yeah, I guess that makes me an orphan.

Speaking of which, I suppose Liza was an orphan.

It wasn't until recently she figured out she wasn't even Japanese. Yeah, she's Korean.

Her mum was rather fly by night sort. Always, looking for the better catch. Evidently. So she left Liza with her boyfriend when she was all of three and went to America.

"She lives on an Indian reservation in New York City now." Liza just shrugged as if she has no intentions of ever going to Korea to find her roots not to meet her half brother who is Native American.

I would have cheered her up, if I could, but then again I reckon she's not my kind.

Yes, there was some talk of Lesbo Sam and how she informed Liza, she wasn't gay enough.

"Well, its just an excuse." I shrugged back, thinking...why so many excuses in the world. Why?

We took a walk around the neighborhood with our hands shoved deep in our hoodies. It was a nice stroll in Autumn. Golden leaves about in a flutter. And it was quiet. Of course, I was thinking up excuses myself. Like, why I wasn't working.

But then..

We caught the beast wallowing in a grassy bank on her back. Possibly she was rubbing in a dead rodent of some sort or worse, poo.

Poor pitiful Will, who had no control over that dog, whats so ever.

That's when I saw Bex's Mum summoned the animal to the house in one bitter call. That's also when I embraced Liza as if we might be in a snog of some sort. I didn't want to look her mum in the eye. I just couldn't.


  1. Yeesh, everything is so complicated!

  2. just can't stop a dog from doing what they love to do, sometimes.