Monday, September 29, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #53.

"You know, I want you here." Those were Bex's words. I just about lost it.

"Really?" Finally we were alone even for a second or two in a room I was call my own, but how could I with so much of another's life crammed full of this boy's life.

"You must think I'm the worst," Bex said as she held on to her hard belly that wiggled with life. I couldn't help but watch. It was really happening. My sister was expecting her first child and she wanted me to be a part of it.

I could hardly breathe.

" I don't." I needed to reassure her. "Will's an all right bloke." Maybe I lied. Maybe I didn't. Maybe it would have been OK to work with him and Simon at Bag and Save. "Just, you know, never had a real job. Always school. Mum wanted it that way." I sighed.

"What is she expecting you to be?" Bex wanted to know.

"A doctor would make her proud, but I really hate needles." I didn't want to mention how I despised blood too.

"I'm not sure what I want to do, either. Mum, wants me to teach, but I can't even manage a baby sitting gig. Last time I was hired, I let the kiddie go off to a friend's house for the night while I watched a marathon of FRESH MEAT. Can you imagine how horrid I'll be as a mum?" She smiled and smoothed down her itchy sweater.

"It'll be different. You'll be there from the start. Like right now, bet you're full of happy thoughts. You'll see... it'll be easy because you'll know the right thing to do." Oh, it was work thinking positive. I could see she was scared.

"Ben, you're so much more than I hoped for." She whispered in my ear when she hugged me. I didn't want her let go.

God. My mind was racing. How we could leave town in a stolen car and drive to the city and get lost in a new life. She could be someone else and so could I. But I opened my eyes and knew right where I would be.

Bex needed to be with Will to start their family.

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