Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Emily's Travels

Emily's travels #11

How can I put it into words? Such dreadful news. Having Nic & Jen around.

I mean..Hannah didn't care. She let them take over.

First there was the party that somehow escaped to the woods. I mean, yeah..a few came from the SKINS cast and ripped it up good. 

It was a totally different Luke than I was used to. The drinking. The swearing. The laughter.

Of course, Hannah wanted to know what pissed me off the most.

I dunno.

Jen and Nic love the outdoors. They do everything together. I swear he went to he loo with her. God knows what that was really about.

Still..I thought Jen was gonna get wasted when we were out there in the woods. And..well..some guy who wasn't wearing a shirt showed up.

They say he's on this BBC TV show. I dunno his name. But he's fit. Naturally.


I knew it was going to happen. He and Jen were about to be in a liplock. I stepped in.


I made out with a stranger.

Luke didn't even notice. wasn't me who was with their drinking buddies. I knew what was going on.

I dunno who I'm upset with the most about. Luke or Me.

Later, I went off on a walk with Hannah in the wee morning hours when it was quite.

She told me to think of it as a one off.

I'm just not sure I can do that.

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