Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Back

It's been a while

Oh, I went on a bonified roadtrip with the boy. Lots of prairie to see to and fro. Naturally, my mind wandered a long the way.

I wondered how Crazy Horse might have fared and just where he might have went on a buffalo hunt in the heartland. There are still buffalo wallows in the Flint Hills of Kansas. For the most part, its an ocean of grass even in late September. The weather has been good for the grasslands. 

We went on down to West Texas to visit relatives. Some even live on the border. Although, it was there is rained the most. 

Anyway..as my gram would say (I noticed how many times she used that word in all her storytelling) it was a long long trip. Lots of good homecooked food and even some specialties from the natives. From Mexican food to Chuck Wagon delights.

I do know old people keeps a lot of lights on when they go to bed at night. This is what kept me up. We do have one set of grandparents who do not believe in air conditioning and I was in a sweat for the most part.