Monday, September 22, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #52

Jesus. I really wanted to mess my pants. Call it quits. Something. But wasn't like I had a place to go.

Damn, that Maryln is a scary mother.

I nursed my bottom lip while Will talked. Thank God, Bex went with us. Even Liza tagged along.

"You don't have too." I said to her as if we were done.

"Its fine." She acted as if she was all alone and she felt safe with me. She even held my hand even if I wanted her to let go.

Yeah, Maryln offered a room.

God, it was cold. Yeah, full of trophies and ribbons of her son's. I think he died in the war or something. I nursed my bottom lip, thinking this was all wrong. Why couldn't I go home? I shouldn't be here.

Yet, I didn't belong there, either. Couldn't accept the fact that Dad was back with Mum. Maybe...I felt abandoned. She should have been on my side. Not his.

It wasn't like he was there when I really needed him. I guess he was here.

"What kind of work does he do?" Maryln wanted to know about me.

I wanted to tell her it was none of her business. Truth was..I wasn't good at anything. Sure, I did a lot of studying. But I had no idea what I wanted to do. Why did it matter so much?

She talked to Will a little longer.

It was easy to see who was smitten. Maryln loved that boy. It was easy to see she could see her own son in fair and sunny Will. But would she feel as comfortable with a brown skinned bloke like me? Would she fear I had the heart of a terrorist?

"His mum is Portuguese." I overheard Bex say and then she told her who I was.

I thought I might pass-out. She actually said I was her brother.

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