Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Emily's Travels

Emily's travels #10

I dunno where to start. I mean...I'm in love. And that alone is quite a feat.

Still, I've been lonesome, too. You know, Luke can't be by my side all the time. He has projects in the works. I've had to do a little PR stuff too with a movie I made with Xavier. But that's an entirely different story I will get to later.

Its just, its overwhelming to be this grownup.

I'm glad I have Hannah. looks like a whole SKINS reunion is in the progress.

Nic called. And he and Jen are coming. He's so excited to see Luke.

That's when Nic gushed about Luke's movie SNOW PIERCER which he neglected to tell me about. 

He says its nothing. Old news as far as he's concerned. Naturally, Nic assured Hannah its a cult classic in the making.

So yeah, we had to stream it on the tele. And..and he was beautiful. Just beautiful! After all, he's so amazing when it comes to action.

It reminded me the first time I remember knowing just how special he was. The scene where Freddie is running to find Effy. Just so beautiful.

I loved him in Snow Piercer. 

Funny, how that makes one depressed at the same moment. Like, how can I even compare?

Why should I even question my ability to act now?

I dunno why it brings me down. Cause, I'm really happy with Luke. Yet, I'm dreading the Arrival of Nic and Jen. 

Hannah laughed at me. After all, she is the one who used to date Nic.

"We were such kiddies then." Her smile makes me smile. 

How does she do it? I mean, they'll be staying at her place, too.

I just don't know if I can bare to go solo. I hope Luke will be here. I need him to be here.


  1. She needs more confidence - she can do this!


  2. I want to see her with more confidence. I'm glad she looks up to Luke and his acting abilities.

  3. It can be hard to do things on your own!