Monday, September 15, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #50

OH MY GOD. Wake up in the right lass's bedroll and everything is SPLENDID.

The look on their faces.

All right. Yeah, we snogged for the most part. Wasn't like a honeymoon. I dunno what Liza is really thinking. I dunno what to think.

Isn't she suppose to be of the lesbian variety?

Well, you could have fooled them.

Can't say who looked the most hokey..Simon or Will.


So yeah, we packed it in and took to the first place that served pancakes and sausages. It was a right morning celebration that was almost noon. Oh, the comrades bootcamp was in session. So much brotherly love it was killing me. But at least I was accepted.

"I think I know a place you could stay." It was Simon's bright idea that I get on at Bag and Save, but Will mentioned they weren't in need of help.

"Well, I wouldn't have worked there, anyhow." Yeah, that's me. Not one for minimum wage.

"But he needs some place to go?" Simon winced as if he really did want to help me. Wasn't like I could go with Liza. Besides, her girl might come after me.

"Where is she now?" Bex asked Liza.

"Some boarding school in Spain." Liza shrugged as if Sam was long gone. Wasn't like she'd poured her heart out about the lost love and I wasn't going to ask now. As iftwas, I ignored Bex. Couldn't let on I even knew her. Wasn't like she'd really given me a warm homecoming.

I just sat there letting my breakfast grow cold with my arms crossed. Was I really apart of this circle?

"Maryln." Will sounded like that was the ticket. "We'll go see her."

It sounded like now was the perfect opportunity.


  1. Maybe Ben needs real friends. I hope he can be a friend too.