Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Emily's Travels

Emily's travels #9

Oh..its great to be back at Hannah's flat. Its almost home. Sort of.

She has a new boyfriend. Yeah, she and Jack made this little indie film in America (where they met) and since he got killed off this ABC Family show he was on. He was such a psycho..even I had fun watching him.

Anyway, he's with Hannah now and might be brilliant. At least Hannah thinks so at the moment. 

Ollie is taller than I remembered. Of course, we're both tiny people. 

He's such a blast, but he's constantly working on his accent. See..he enjoys doing these silly improve. Sometimes, one just has to guess which scene he's doing from some classic movie. Usually, its dialogue from The Godfather or The Usual Suspects. 

I can't remember. I'm not that good with those sort of films. He's about to drive Jack nuts. Now he's on to Luke.

We might want to ship him off to Augustus'. Those two are like two peas in a pod. I dunno why Ollie doesn't live with him. Something about his freedom. 

I hate to ask.

Only a little rain to contend with. Luke can't spend all his time with me. There is work, of course.

Work. Ollie seems to think he can get me in a play or something. I guess I should try.

I really wouldn't want to go to the outback, just yet.

A part of me wouldn't mind staying with Luke, but I don't want to rush it. Besides, I have a room here and Hannah left it just the way I remembered.

Yeah, its good to be back in London.