Monday, September 1, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #48

"You, are pushing it." Bex was perturbed as usual. I was beginning to think it might be the norm for her these days.

OK, granted, she could really rock a swim suit if she tried, but she wouldn't. She was in a smock and some baggy cutoffs. And yeah, going camping was possibly a bit much for her at this time, pregnant and all.

"But we're with our mates." I pleaded my case once more. Besides, we'd set up our tents close to the loo with a shower included. It wasn't completely in the wilderness.

It was our last weekend before it was back to the books and revisions and all the other boring crap that makes us a success.

"Lets have some fun, will you... now?" I didn't mean to fret as I took her hands. After all, Simon and Pip were back in love, and their giggly selves. Even Ben arrived for the campout and Liza was all on her lonesome. Not that I expected to be a matchmaker between those two. But it was good to have this circle, so close.

Simon and Ben gathered some dead wood for a bomb fire. Hopefully, it would get a flame soon. Although, all the rain we'd had so recently, it wasn't likely.

We'd brought sandwiches and lager just in case. I also got the veg together and plenty of apples and nuts and sorted juice for Bex to snack on.

We could make it.

"Don't you remember our night in the woods?" I smiled as if it was how this all got started in the first place. Us.  I wanted to tell her it was all Simon's idea. He thought we were perfect for each other.

"You, really want to rehash that, do you?" She turned her head so, as if I was a genuine idiot.

"Only the good parts." I kissed her cheek, but we were interrupted by someone who'd brought smoked sausages and a picnic basket of cold salads and biscuits.

It was Geo and Magz.

"No one said this was a sleepover." Magz looked about, at the tents. "You, just said to bring food, Simon?"

"About that." Simon gritted a big smile. He almost winked at her as he took the basket.

"I've got room in my tent." Ben said ever so somber.

Geo only shrugged with a smile as if, perhaps he could sleep anywhere. "I have a few extra blankets."

I put my arm around Bex, hoping we could finally all behave ourselves. Well, maybe not completely. But it might be a weekend worth remembering.


  1. Almost like full circle. What could go wrong now?

  2. This captures my daughters feeling of University, "It was our last weekend before it was back to the books and revisions and all the other boring crap that makes us a success." awesome quote.

    Now, will they stay or will they go?

  3. They are so cute! I hope Bex has fun in the end!