Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emily's Travels

Emily's Travels #7

I really wish I knew where I belonged. Its been enchanting with Luke the last few days are so which feels like weeks. I lose track of time when I'm with him.

But..I so need to get back to London. Juno seems stable now. I hope its true.

Hannah keeps calling. Says she has room for me .
It'll give me a chance to perhaps find some work, while I'm in town. Maybe.

Can't stay on holiday forever. Ollie will be there. He's loads of laughs.

Not sure if Luke understands. He hasn't protested about me leaving that much. Guess I'll see him around.

Only..I can't keep babydoll. I can't. Juno says she'll be fine with her, but when have I ever completely trusted her?