Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Emily's Travels

Emily's Travels #8

Guess who met me at the airport?

It was a sweet surprise. Oh, how Luke had me smiling. I was down in the dumps about babydoll and there he was. He changed everything.

It was good to sit with him. I didn't have time to stew about why I shouldn't go to London.

Yes, there is Hannah and she is always amazing and intriguing. But when I think of London, I think of Max. 

Well, I haven't had a relationship quite like that..since.

Make a movie with him and damn, if it doesn't ruin everything.

OK, it might have been over before the movie. Still, it didn't help matters. 

I mean...I was going to spend my life with him.

And then I wanted to live life. Possibly, be more like Juno than I ever imagined. 

I dunno what Luke possibly sees in me. It doesn't help that Harry is spreading shite about me, and how I'm the B*tch from Down Under.

Really, I take any of his twits and what not with a grain of salt.

So what.

Luke thought it was quite funny. Yes, I smiled all the way to London.