Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Emily's travels

Emily's Travels #12

We must have stayed up all night talking. Hannah, Jenny and Me.

Nic calls her Jenny. 

I had to hear an earful about me from Jenny.

Seems Nic has had a crush on me since my first movie. 

Oh, I must have blushed. Maybe it was the pot brownies that Ollie made.

He wasn't there to enjoy them. Of course, he was off with Drew.

It seems she was not Nic's choice for The Hunter Games. I was.

God, that was such a long shot. I mean, if I'd played the part, it might as well have been Tinker Bell.

Seriously, I didn't even want it. I'm glad wonderful things are happening for her movie career. All those awards. 


But I think things are on the mend.

Except. I dunno where Luke went off too. I've text. Left messages. Not a word. 

I'm afraid he's mad at me.

Why am like this?


  1. It's odd for Luke to just disappear like that.


  2. Hrmm, seems like she is a little scrambled?