Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Emily's travels

Emily's travels #6

Oh..its been troubling with Juno.

I adore her. I do, but she can be so blue. 

Who would have thunk it? Cera to the rescue.

Of course, they fussed so. It was hard to tell if he was helping. At least in the beginning.

Thank God, Luke showed up and we finally enjoyed the sea. Together.

Yes, he does know how to travel and enjoy the locals. He really knows how to make me smile. 

Long walks. Dancing with the locals. Not one of their clubs. The food was divine and was he.

I even had a chance to sit back and relax with him and watch his Musketeers. Yes, it was sweet and his commentary made it all the more fun.

We really enjoy each others company. I'm thinking of going back to London with him. 

I so need to get back to the real world. Hannah says I can stay at her place.