Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Emily's Travels

Emily's travels #5


I haven't really gotten very far on my lonesome summer journey. I'm stuck in the bluest of blue seas.

Still stuck with Juno.

Cera can't get here until sometime this week. And you know who..won't go home.

What have I done to him?


The more I push him sway..the more he wants me.

I just can't seem to get rid of Harry. Isn't he on tour..somewhere?

On the upside, oh, last week..I guess it was. God, time..can't seem to remember the day or the of late.

Luke, gave me this kitten. And we named it. He said BabyDoll was fitting cause, he really loved me in the film.

I don't see how, but you know..well, I was laughing so much. Really, he is a laugh. I couldn't say NO. So we have a kitten now.

Really, one of the most positive things about being here. I so want to spend more time with him. Doing nothing I suppose. I really think he's..well..

Of course, I can't share this with Juno, being all blue, over the Frenchman still. I dunno what's gotten into her.

She says he spoke French in bed. As if that were the deal breaker. She's too much for me, you know.

Sure, she's my dearest and nearest friend on the planet, but god I feel like my friendship is being put through..I dunno what.

And then Harry...

I'm so afraid he'll trash me on social media. But at this point..I don't even care.

I just wanted him to be nice to my friend, and he's really being headache about it...still.

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  1. I don't think Harry would take it that far. At least, I hope he won't.