Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Emily's travels

Emily's travels #4

Oh..what was I thinking..having Harry here?

I mean, he had no business coming to Greece. He's always pressed for time...

And we got in a bitter row. Over our age difference.

Actually, I just told him he was being a baby. I mean, I'm practically five years older than he is. I'm too old to be a band groupie. Didn't he know?

Jesus, if he didn't have to make it all about him. I have my hands full, as it is, with the state of Juno.

She is looking more peaked, everyday. Its hopeless.

Harry wouldn't see Juno. He said he makes people happy for a living. Then I said..what does that make you..a gigolo?

If only, I could have spent all that energy on Luke. He's being aloof. Saying, he understands, how I need my time with Juno and her bout.

It doesn't feel like Greece, anymore?

I'm tired of slumming here, and vow I will never speak to Harry, again.


P.S. More next time about the gift Luke gave me.

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