Monday, August 4, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #46

See, I had this plan. It was on schedule and everything.

1. Get Simon on at Bag and Save.

Done. Yeah, he kept hanging around so much they thought he was already working there.

2. Keep Simon on track. might have been crap, but I kept telling him Pip might still be in the picture. He was just going to have to be a little low key. I think. He's such a hyper little man boy. Or is that boy man? He gets ahead of himself, all the time. So I needed to remind him on the hour to pace himself.  Who knows, there might be someone else out there just as amazing as Pip. But he needed to keep his cool.

So yeah, Simon's a work in progress.

"I dunno why you even bother." Naturally, Bex had to poo everything I was working on here.

" you don't. You, need to tell your mum about Ben, or I will." I wasn't going to have her all miserable about how I was fussing over a mate and not enough about her. God, its so hard to win with her these days.

She's really tired and miserable. And I can't fall for those little traps of hers. After all, I rub her feet every night. And I'm bone tired as it is, trying to get as many shifts as possible this summer. Its like I'm working for the both of us, you know. And its still not enough.

"No. You can't!" Bex snapped as if I'd really done it this time.

I grabbed the bag of scones from work and told her to make tea and tell her mum what was up.

"Hasn't it been a burden? Carrying this little lie about your brother. She needs to know he exists." I was ever so serious as I went to the kitchen to get the kettle on. It wouldn't be long til her mum was home from work.

She swelled a frown, but followed.

"I just dunno." She acted as if this was far worse than what we'd done already, getting pregnant and still in school.

"You, procrastinate way too much Bex." I sighed.

Her glare was pissed, but I didn't care. Simon needed his Pip back.

"What if Ben doesn't even like staying at Pip's, you know? He could be right here. I know he wants to at least stay until the babe's born, and who knows, maybe your Dad will be back. It'll be a nice little reunion."

Shite. It just occurred to me I wasn't even thinking of my own family, anymore. This was where I belonged. I just wanted everybody to be happy.


  1. As long as he's happy, that's what truly matters.


  2. He has a lot of work cut out for him!