Monday, June 9, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #40

"Babe, you can't just call it quits now."  What else could I say? She laid in her bed as if she was all wounded. She wasn't even spotting. We had her checked out down at the clinic. And we were back reporting to her mum that everything was fine.

"You and the Babe are well." But she looked really out of it.

She was hot and sweaty. She couldn't get cool enough these summer days, and her ankles were starting to swell.

"I feel fat and ugly." She confessed. "I can't go out. Can't have any fun with me, mates." It was as if she were a stuff sausage with no where to go. She was down to a ribbed tank that barely stretched over the baby bump and her tidy whites. "I don't even want you looking at me."

I pulled away her forearm over her face and she was in such a pout.

"So this is your terrible sixes, is that it?" She was being a baby. Actually, she was well passed the six months mark now. "It won't be long til its over." I bit my bottom lip. Of course, I might still be calling the storage room at work my home, but we would have a baby.

There was mention of me staying with Mrs. Monroe in her son's room, but it was such a shrine. I couldn't do it.

"Its just..I..I never imagined this." She was about to cry.

"Didn't you, now?" I smiled as if it were all grand, somehow. I squeezed in on the other side of the bed and took her hand. It was cozy in her room. I liked it here.

"Always, thought you'd want someone..I dunno.."

"Now..stop it." I said with my eyes closed wanting to enjoy every moment of the firmness of this bed and being next to her.

"But I'm a cow." She protested.

"No, you aren't." Wanting to hug her, but that made her all the more in a sweat. "You, need to rest." Oh, how I could take a nap. "Look, I'm having to stay in the storage room at the shop." How else was I going to explain it. Would I still be living there when I was 32 and a kiddie in school?

"What?" She jerked up on her elbows as if that was the most absurd thing she'd ever heard.

"Dad's being a wanker. Mum won't even talk to me. Its just, things have changed for me, too. But..but I got to believe will be worth it, Bex. It will. I know right now, I'll be a damn better father than my father, ever was. Took him forever to get to Mum after she had Augustus." I sighed. My family was far from perfect.

Her hot body rolled into mind.

"Want to cool off?" She asked with an open smile.

"Of course." I was thinking a very cool shower with you know who. But she thought we should give Beast a bath in the front lawn, instead.


  1. This might really prove he's the boyfriend he can be.

  2. Ugh, it must be the worst to be so far pregnant in the middle of summer :(

  3. I feel for her. I so do. Its so humid here, at the moment.