Monday, June 2, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #39

I wasn't going to make a big issue out of it, with Bex.

Maybe Geo was the Sex God, after all.

It was still on my mind a few days later when I popped in to see if Simon was even alive.

Naturally, he wanted the lowdown about Pip. I didn't have any answers for him.

"You two... need to talk. Text. You know?" That's when I mentioned Magz and the Sex God.

And that's when Simon asked me if I read porn.

"Porn? Why would you read it?" I grimaced.

He grabbed his mum's book of erotica from his underwear drawer. I guess it was safe keeping there.

"Does, she even know you have it?" It felt weird holding on to his mum's stash of porn. I was thinking there would be a least one picture. Just words.

"Read it!" Simon looked like a dried up lizard that couldn't change his colors these days. Just pale as a ghost.

"You're kidding." I couldn't help but crack up, but just to hush him I plopped myself down on his wiggly bed and started reading this book called BLUSH.

"And there are threesomes. And..and handcuffs." Simon was all bright eyed out it.

"Some of this stuff doesn't even look humanly possible." I made a face of disgust. Was I missing something? I really didn't want to read about threesomes, but someone was devouring it. I looked at Simon.

" wouldn't." I grimaced. "Not with me and..especially not Me and Bex." I informed him. I told him I was the jealous type. Only, I didn't feel that way about Geo anymore. Didn't mean I wanted to have a threesome with him, either.

"No!" Simon wailed, ready to spazz. "Me. Pip and her new boy Ben."

I laughed till my belly hurt. Then it donned on me, Simon was for real.