Monday, June 16, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #41

Just when I thought all was right with the world. You know, with Bex and her Mum.

You see, her Mum was very considerate, and she said I could stay. It wasn't right in her eyes, what my parents had done to me.

So it was like a Free Get Out of Jail card, something like that.

I mean, I gave her every cent I'd saved up. Except, she didn't take it all. Yeah, she took a lump of it and put it in savings for us. She said she hoped Bex would contribute too. Of course, I told her it wasn't necessary. After all, she was having a baby.

"Well, I worked." She squinted as if it was a reality we both needed to face.

Anyway, yeah, Bex and me in that wee little bed of hers. Not as exciting as you might think. She is quite hot, but not so much in a sexy way. Well, sex...its kind of a trick I hadn't exactly got to try..just yet. She flops around a lot. And we aren't quite in our own ocean, by any means.

Oh, and that other thing..Gus..yes my dear brother Augustus still sticking around like unwanted dog poo.

I wish he could just leave me alone.

Naturally, I cornered him about seeing to a bigger bed for Bex and me. I do need more than a slim edge to sleep on. My beck is still a mess. Sure, me mum would say its all in me posture, but a good night's sleep would really help.

"What could I do?" It was as if I was deliberately out to ruin his weekend. Craig was coming to town, some fellow he knew back at the Uni. I did have a feeling my brother was up to no good.

"Christsake?" I looked at him just as angry. "You, want Bex's mum to put the both of you up? Here?"

Shite, naturally, he wouldn't come out and say that he and Craig were more than mates.

When he started in how they shared a lot of things, I kept thinking of that disgusting book of Simon's that he wanted me to read. Was he expecting a threesome with Bex's mum?

I couldn't help but think the worst.

"What's it to you?" Gus squinted hard. I was sure it would be a row with a shove and a push.

"Cause, I live here, you stupid wanker." I could just imagine the sounds now, coming from downstairs. Bex's mum let him sleepover, sometimes, but only on the couch.

Finally, I told him to come on. We could only get the neighbor's truck for a bit. I needed to get a move on to the yard sales. I was on the look out for a larger bed. We could manage to get into Bex's room.


  1. Here's hoping they have success today!!


  2. Definitely, interesting to see if Gus has a boyfriend...=)