Monday, May 26, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #38

It was suppose to be really cool.

You know, revisions over. Exams done. A bomb fire. The pond. What could go wrong? Right?

It was a wash out. It rained hard at first. I was sure it was over, but no. It just kept coming, so we had to reschedule.

Damn, I was so in hopes it would put Bex off and we could stay home. Well, her place. I want to call it home, but not just yet. Although..occasionally I stay over.

Her mother has to know, but she hasn't been in a tizzy quite yet. Of course, Bex  is all angst about her mum and my brother Augustus.

Honestly, I don't think a thing is going on. Last I knew, he was seeing someone of the same sex. So..I'm not worried.

So yeah, here we are at a friend of a friend's place. Got the whole brownstone to ourselves. Now saying that, might give you the impression it was rather posh. Well, it wasn't. God knows, how old this place may be. Bad wiring. Even the fans kept going high then low. The lights too. And the walls were just a thin as the passageways and the stairways too.

We might as well have been packed in their like pickles.

But she insisted. As it was all our mates were about. Drinking like banshees. Being real shite about the world and all its got.

Naturally, I nursed on the first lager I could get. Still, made me awful hot and yet not so bothered. Thought I might puke on my Chuck Taylors. Even worse, Bex's new Roman sandals.

It was just loud. Who knows, what was really going on. I wanted to go. It couldn't have been good for the babe. Bex kept insisting, like she could keep up.

Well, just bottled water for her and some crisps. She really needed a juice, perhaps fruit would do.

"Are you, honestly having the time of your life?" I could honestly picture her rock'n my world even in the condition she was in, but just in dreams, as of late.

"Yeah, its fine." She looked for Pip and Ben. Still a NO SHOW. I guess I was getting all sour. And then she looked up and saw the two together.

Geo was there with Magz. His arms wrapped around her as if they were more than mates.

I looked at Bex out of the corner of my eye. I could see she wasn't taking it all that well. But I kept nursing the warm lager. Wishing she'd decide to go. And I'd come with her.

But I suspected we were up to our silly games. Hadn't she tired of them yet?


  1. Bex may just lose him one of these days.


  2. Jeez, I have no idea what is going on with them at this point :(