Monday, May 19, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #37

I swear, a lot of the time, I'm sleepwalking through the days.

I'm not sleeping all that well at night. Might be due to the rats around here. Not that one has approached me. Still, I hear the sticky traps at night. Even the whimpers.

Seriously, I do want to go home.

I just don't know how.

Aside from that, things are rather jolly. At least at work. All the fine people with smiles on their faces. Life goes on, you know. And its great, they come back... to take part in what's fresh at the bakery.

We've had some sunny days, you see. And it'll be summer soon. Of course, there are some days when it thunders, and lashes out lightening. Mum's the word on Ben and Pip. Simon is all the more depressed. Sleeping lots, missing classes.

And now..its too late to get him involved with Magz. Cause guess who's making the rounds?

I found myself having a very good laugh over the matter. Almost knocked myself in the head with me broom. Shite.

Geo comes around daily and has a chat with Magz. And there are offerings of gratitude. Only in the form of muffins, at the moment. But I reckon a romance is brewing.

The way she looks at him. The way he gazes back. Its really quite refreshing. Of course, quaint. I can't bare to walk away.

I only listen as I sweep, thinking it will be about sweet nothings, you know.

But no, he told her all about having the coppers around. Oh, they knew what was up with Lesbo Sam long before it ever commenced.

Maybe, it wasn't all his doing.

But I look at Geo differently, lately. He's really not a gypsy psycho. Not even a local cad. I really think we could be friends. Just not so sure in this world.