Monday, May 12, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #36

"Can, you, just stop worrying so much?" I looked at Bex as if she needed to understand this was out of her control. Sam was in jail for getting in more than a row, down at the club.

I held her hands trying to console her in her room. Thankful, she wasn't at the club when it went down. Sounded like quite a scare. Sam really laid in to this lass with the tattooed arm and the purple hair. I dunno what it was about. Frankly, I didn't care, as long I was here with Bex, but she was all moody. Tears too.

Least, I could do was let her cry on my shoulder.

"Maybe Lizzie didn't know." I sighed once more feeling my Tee-shirt absorb Bex's pain.

"She knew." Bex blubbered. Bex told her what she knew of Sam's habits. I winced when I heard her mention Geo's name. Actually, I gritted from lashing out. Geo worked down at the club.

Well, this was news, but if I were to bring it up..I wouldn't exactly have Bex in my arms right now. Actually, the weight of her was becoming excruciating.

Thank God, her bed caught us like a sweet little nest. Right where I wanted to be on a late Saturday night. Still, Bex, looked a bit pathetic with her long locks of auburn hair stuck to her face. I did my best to recovery what I could of finding her lips under those strands. Other wise, she might have stifled on her hair.

But truth be told, I was right where I wanted to be. I kissed away a few tears with less hair I'd tuck behind her ear.Then sleep sank in with the lights on.

It was true and ever so lovely.

About an hour or two later I blinked my eyes open and untangled myself from her. That mop of hair of hers really needed a good brushing. Maybe I could braid it. I yawned, shook my head no. I best get before her mum thought the worst.

Yet the bed and Bex were so warm and inviting. How could I say no?

Still in my black Chuck Taylors. I could go. I best do it now before things lingered.


  1. It seems that they both need comfort.

  2. Maybe they don't need to be too cozy yet. I don't think he wants to depend on her for everything.