Monday, May 5, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #35

I really can't say I've had some long talks with Maryln because she does all the talking. Now I'm not saying she isn't captivating. She does know a lot about the village. Its just... she can't shut up.

Simon is lot like the old woman. If only I could get them together, they might really enjoy each others company.

Late nights on the weekend I stay over over at Simon's. Not like he's going anywhere these days.

I've actually had time to think of playing cupid. Ridiculous, I know. But suppose if Simon could get his mind off Pip.

There's Magz down at the shop. She has a nice smile. Of course, I really thought she was getting it on with meat-cutter Mike. Guess, I was wrong. Seems he's engaged to some Irish lass.

Its just..I couldn't think of her being a slapper. Not Magz. Still, Simon has a one tracked mind.

Seriously, sometimes, I want to blame it all on him. His little discussions how to up the game with Bex. When I look back on it, it makes me peeved. The ideas he put in my head.

"You know, I might have been a bit rapey." I told him as if to clear my mind. "Thanks to you."

"What are you talking about?" Now he's a sad little puppy. Not long ago he was filling my head, how I needed to go after Bex. Let her know I WOULD NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. I swear, I must have been on drugs, but I wasn't. Just a lager or two to get me in the zone.

Then he fussed at me, how he wasn't the blame.

Its true, he's easy to blame. Its still a lot to sort out. Maybe I should have kept quiet. Sometimes, I can't help myself.

"Look," how could I make him see? I grabbed his shoulders before he could get in a row. "All, I'm saying, maybe that's what messed you up with Pip. Maybe, you were a monster and didn't know it."

That didn't settle with him, either.

Naturally, he blames it all on the South African.

But, what I've seen of Ben so far, I don't think its a love affair. Yes, he's still staying with Pip. Doubt he's even in her bed.

"He's much more interested in my girl." I reminded Simon.

Bex is being a mystery. But I'm going to trust her. I just have too. Ben really does try to catch her alone, but Pip is playing chaperon.

Still, when I see Ben around. He didn't come to this country to sweep Pip off her feet. No, he's here for another reason. Bex has got something to do with it.


  1. Wow, things seem pretty complicated between all of them. Do any of them know what they really want?