Monday, April 28, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #34

I've never been so tired in my life. If its half as bad as what Bex feels about now, I hope she'll forgive me.

Yeah, I know, I'm not the one with child, but sometimes, I'll think about it during the day and imagine what she's going through. Makes my back ache all over, again.

She hates the vitamins. Says they make her smell. I tell her that's not true. I don't smell a thing. But yeah, its getting to me. I just can't let her know she smells  a bit ripe.

So many things I don't want her to know. Um.. My living situation, for one.

Gives me a different perspective, you know. Like who comes in first to the shop. Naturally, its Mrs. Munro, Maryln Munro who possibly needs to be in a home. Her waddle just keeps going.

Since she's the first there, we've got in some good conversations over tea and scones fresh out of the oven.

She knew mum before I was born.

Mum isn't from here. She came to the village to teach.  I knew that.

What I didn't know, it was just me, mum and Gus. She wasn't married to Dad then. Gus was a little tike. Yeah, this unmarried lass came all the way out here to teach by the sea.

It was like listening to this life that I didn't know existed. Mum never talked about being a teacher. Never spoke of being alone, either.

Of course, there were great lapses. Dad being away, sometimes a college. Other times a Uni.

I'm beginning to think I dunno either of them. Why should I listen to a thing he tells me?

Its just...

I don't want a life like that. Leaving the mother of my child hanging about, on her own.

Bex is important to me.

Still, I feel as if I'm barely on my own. But I plan to see this through, I do.

If only, I could get some real sleep....if only.


  1. What choices he is struggling with and yet he hangs on !

  2. Before you wrote from his point of view I really wanted Bex to ignore him and never speak to him again. But now.. I am really excited what will happen next!

  3. She is under a lot of stress :(