Monday, February 24, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #26

"You know, I can't take this anymore." It was more of a yelp than anything else that came out of Will's mouth. He was so distraught, as he plopped on my bed to have a really good cry. It was all my fault, according to him.

"You, made me this way." Another cry of help.

Of course, I rolled my eyes as I finally plopped myself next to him.

What was wrong with me? Even Beast didn't sleep with me. That dog was so loyal to me mum. Did she have that kind of spell on Will's brother too?

"You're really are fucked." There. We were both fucked. Perhaps. I really never used the word much, but I didn't know what else this was. "Stop, say'n its my fault!" I punched him in the arm then.

"Ow." There he went being a hurt little boy.  It was hard to say if he was a man. Just a man boy. Maybe.

"Its like your monster, of some sort. I dunno what you've become? You're not what I had in mind as boyfriend. I never suspected you to be my lover, either." I confessed as I bit my bottom lip.

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

"You know, how you get around your mates. Its like I don't exist and then you pop up anywhere and want to have a go. Even at school." Had he forgot?

"It was dead at school. We were alone." He pouted. "I had to do something before you fornicated again with that gypsy of yours."

"He's not a gypsy." I squinted with disgust. "And we aren't fornicating."

"Really?" He looked shocked.

"Really." I pouted back, as if maybe I'd let the best thing slip by me.

Will sighed.

"Your my girl." His fingers intertwined with mine.

"Yeah, right. What about that lass in Spain?" I cornered him about the past now.

"What lass in Spain?" He winced as if the question was just to hard.

"Don't be a liar now?" I puffed a frown as if I knew.

"Jesus? What did Gus say?" Now his face was full of disgust.

"Like she was the love of your life. And there might be a kiddie involved." I would no longer be mute on the subject. He was the one who wanted to talk, after all.

"I'm going to kill him!" Will squinted in disgust and jumped to his feet as if he'd do it this minute.

"Well, he's downstair. Can't miss him. Seems, he taken with me, Mum." I crossed my arms as if I'd wait right here for him when it was over.

"It was fake." He announced about his holiday in Spain.

"Oh really?" I didn't believe him. "I saw the pictures. You really, had some fun."

"He was making a movie. And she was there and he wanted me to be all romantic." Will looked innocent enough.

"Do, you even know her?" I fumed, wondering if I could ever believe anything from either of them.

"No, I don't think I'd know her if I saw her on the street." He shrugged. Naturally, he was back where he wanted to be. Next to me. Yet, I wanted to be cold to him. I did.  But he kissed me as if we were back. For good.

This time, better than from before.