Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Tara

Just Tara

"So what bothers, you, the most?" Maxie wasn't quite smiling, but he didn't look weird either about the matter with Matty and Jonesy.

"It just seems.." Where did Tara begin? What this about Jones and Matty? Or about her? Her feelings? "It was weird, that's all." She pressed her lips tight. "I..I didn't think he that."

"We can't all possibly figure each other out, just from the daily routine of things." Maxie smiled as he took another fork full of the cheese cake they were sharing at the pub.

Tara nodded, as if it were true. She supposed. "So you knew?"

"I wouldn't put anything past Matty." He shrugged. "As much as I love my mate, there is just as much to hate about him, too." Maxie told her. "Besides, it is their business, right?"

"Right." Tara winced in thought as if she could tuck all her secrets away and just forget. "Its a shock. I suppose." She just hadn't seen it coming. Not Jonesy. "Have you..ever.."

"What? A bender? A snog-fest with Matty?" He half laughed, taking a sip of tea. "He can be down right wicked. Of course, I was right sloshed. It was all like little life lessons to him. There was a time, I doubted I'd ever snog, anyone. It was know, I had to figure it out, somehow."

"But you if.." Tara winced not sure what to do with Maxie's honesty.

"Were you hoping to have Jones all to yourself one day? Is that what all the worrying about?" His question only scowled her more.

"Of course, not. He's..he's like a big brother to me. And there was his summer with Emmy. And..and you know." Tara wondered if this conversation would be the end of them.

"Who knows, it might just be a bit of fun." Maxie wasn't smiling though. "Have their cake and eat it too."

It did sound rather cold in the end, like a passing phase of some kind. Just something to do.

"Matty really likes fun." Maxie sighed as he finished off his tea before it got cold.

"Its just," Tara begin hoping she could explain this to Maxie without regrets. "I..I really thought I was in love with Emmy..and..and she turns out to be an ice queen I can't stand. I don't know what I saw in her." Tara felt as if she could come down with something if she were to speak of her and how she'd felt once, but not now.

Maxie only leaned in with his arm around Tara. He kissed her forehead as if it didn't matter. She hugged him as if this was what mattered. She'd never known it could be so honest. But she didn't want to let it go. Just how was she to nurture it?


  1. I'm glad that Tara is finally opening her eyes to Emmy's true ways.