Monday, February 17, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #25

Oh, that brother of mine, best let me have some FACE TIME. Now who was the nagging sibling? Just how had this happened?

I couldn't get home fast enough. Naturally, everyone was like "Where are you going?"

 I hadn't time to waste. I really needed some alone time with Ben because Pip wouldn't eplain anything. She was smitten, like a very bad curse that would take her nowhere, but immediate emotional bliss. He was filling her brain up with God knows what.

But as soon as I stepped in from the cold and making haste to get out of my muddy boots, I could hear laughter. Mum was not alone.

This couldn't possibly be happening. Not now. It was Febuary, and we were suppose to be the Lonely Hearts Club. This was not suppose to be happening. After all, Mum did a pretty good job of her dreary existence down at the Postal Service. You would have thought she'd been mad taking it in the first place, but after being there a bit over a decade, well... it was work and the benefits helped us.

So the laughter persisted. Like it might be something to spy on. There was a manly laugh mixed with her sweet jolly chuckle.

Who was here? I winced hard to take a peek. Practically had one eye shut as I took a gaze upon this rather romantic evening in the kitchen.

HOLY SHITE. Oh.shite..shite..shite.

I gasped.

What was she doing with Will's brother? Augustus?

Oh..Shite..they were so chummy, and she was calling him Gus. They were having wine, and he was awful close. I just couldn't bare it if they were in a lip lock.

So instead of tearing them a part like a demon teenager, I took off to my room upstairs.

This complicated things so much. I could hardly think to even text Ben when I got to my room. Of course, Will met me in the dark.

"What the hell?" He covered my mouth when I turned on the switch.

At least he was dressed.

"We have to talk." Will informed me.

I could only give him a serious stare. Did he know how everything was turning upside down? Especially, with my Mum and his brother?


  1. It'll e interesting ..all the other connections and how it plays on them.