Monday, February 3, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #23

Why wasn't I getting any peace? It wasn't that my mates hated Geo, but I really didn't see the need for them to get to know him, either.

1. I needed time.
2. I needed space.

Why did everything have to be full of fireworks and passion?

Ben was no help. He was really just there to judge. I was beginning to think. I wanted to shut him off with the click of a button. What did he care?

"Because, you're my sister." Plain and simple.

I'd showed Pip a picture of him on my phone. Naturally, she fangirled Ben as if he might be the next big X-Factor.

Really, my mind was thick as quicksand. It needed sorting. Now. But there were revisions and projects. Even contests, at school. A never ending battle of papers and books to absorb.

Bloody school.

That's where Will cornered me one afternoon in the deceiving cold.

There I was bundled up to make my way in it, and we have a faceoff. He was in a pout. As if he were ready for me to give him a remedy of some sort.

"What?" Why did I even start? Was it just to rattle me?

No one coming. He looked to the left the right. We were in the crux of the stairwell where one could fall in darkness in the old school.

It was more of a push than a shove, but I didn't fight back. As he pressed against me, I knew what it was really about. Truly, it was a habit neither of us could break. His lips cut like a knife. Or so I wanted to swear on the books that spilled to the floor.

It wasn't long until I gave in to a certain heat that was impossible to resist.